CatalytIQ turned 12 in May 2016. To celebrate this achievement – we worked with partners that have been part of our CatalytIQ family for many years to update our web presence. We are extremely excited to present the new, fresh face of CatalytiQ to you – in the form of our new responsive website.

Whilst we have refined our proposition to match what we believe our clients are reaching for and we have streamlined and updated our site to match the world we work in – we have a few key people to thank for this new face

Firstly – Lourens Lombaard and his team at FDesign (,za) You guys have been part of our journey for many years. Your creativity, professionalism and resilience to deal with my creative whims have meant that you are the go-to guys no matter what we dream up as our next creative challenge. Thanks for sticking with us for all of these years!

Secondly – Brent Abrahams from Wempic Photography ( . Brent – we worked together In a previous life – and I am supremely grateful for the fun experience and extremely professional output from our photo shoot. You are a dream to work with!

Lastly – the team at CatalytIQ. Our success – is tied to the people that make up the CatalytIQ team. We are tremendously excited and proud about the phase we are in – and that is down to you. Thank you for the passion, professionalism and enthusiasm you put in day in and day out. We couldn’t do it without you!

Ilse Baxter