At CatalytIQ we understand business in a changing world. We know the key to success in a changing world lies in our ability to adapt. That little word – “adapt” encapsulates so many challenges that we, and our clients face on a daily basis. So the definition of the word “adapt” seems to suggest a few things
  • “To make suitable for a new purpose” – In much of what we do in the transformation space we focus on understanding what exists, what our clients believe the industry and their clients require for them to stay relevant, what they believe they need to be successful and what the shift from point A to point B means. Sometimes this means introducing fundamentally new capabilities (systems, practices, competencies etc.) – but often it is about taking what exists and working with it to ensure that it supports the new vision. Repurposing, reimagining, retraining and refocusing teams, capabilities and systems.
  • “To become adjusted to a new condition” – so much of the Transformation journey deals with not just the rational, tangible aspects of the changes at hand (the systems, processes, organizational changes, business rules etc.) but the intangibles – the so called “soft” aspects of people building the resilience to deal with ambiguity, the highs and lows of the change process, the reality of unrelenting change and what it takes to survive it. Over the years I have realized that despite my training and background (which favours the concrete and rational) – the magic and secret to success lies in our ability to rally people to a common, clearly articulated and often simple cause. Part of that rallying process relies on our ability to work with leaders within the business to support people through this adjustment process.
No matter what form the change you are facing may take – be it economic, regulatory, consumer, cultural, strategic or organizational – our single minded focus is to help you become more adaptive by supporting you through understanding the nature of the change, the impact on your organization and sticking with you every step of the way through leading the change required to make your vision a reality.

Ilse Baxter